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Associate Professor Luke Tan is one of Singapore’s leading thyroid, head and neck surgeon. He is known regionally for his skill in thyroid surgery and especially minimal access thyroid surgery. He has not only spoken at many conferences on his thyroid surgery experience but has performed demonstration surgery in many countries, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia.

Our centre specialises in the management of the following conditions:
  Head & Neck
  Larynx (Voice Box) Cancer
Nasopharynx Cancer   Mouth & Throat Cancer   Upper Neck Lumps

Our Thyroid Centre is nationally and internationally recognized for its expertise in thyroid ultrasound, diagnostics, evaluations and treatment of thyroid cancer patients. It is one of only a few centres nationwide to provide robotic surgery expertise in thyroid surgery.
Offers same-day diagnostic and screening  services for thyroid conditions.


Our clinic is dedicated to the management of thyroid, head and neck surgery fully supported by a comprehensive range of diagnostic, endoscopic & robotic equipment. Being a mature and high volume practice of more than 15 years, we see patients and physicians from around the world seeking the highest degree of expertise in thyroid and head and neck surgery.

LUKE TAN | ENT-Head & Neck Cancer
And Thyroid Surgery Centre

3 Mount Elizabeth, (ORCHARD)
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre,
Suite 14-17
, Singapore 228510

Tel: +65 6474 6116
Fax: +65 6737 0816

Emergency Tel: +65 6535 8833